What is Co/Moto?

If you were to take a peek through the garage door it would look like just an ordinary collection of tools and lifts, but when you walk in you feel what Co/Moto is all about. We believe that an understated element of owning your motorcycle is the part where you get to take the time to know your ride and how it works on a mechanical level. We also exceedingly believe in fostering the expansion of the female rider community. While it may sound trite, we believe that the freedom to work on your bike in a relaxed and non-judgmental space can help you learn more about yourself, and build your confidence in moto-mechanics and yourself. We created Co/Moto to allow riders to get access to tools, a motocentric location to learn, relax and be around like minded “moto-heads”.


Over time we started to see the community (including both guys and gals!) and relationships that the Co/Moto garage began fostering. Seeing our vision starting to come to fruition, and the genesis of a unique contingent of Co/Moto mechanics and riders is pushing us through this ‘restructuring’ to get the garage up and running again. We know there many more ATX riders out there waiting to join the Co/Moto community.

What Does the Future Hold for Co/Moto

Our first iteration was largely focused on the maintenance of your ride. Now, we are looking for a larger space to further our vision of Co/Moto being more than just a garage. We plan to have a community space where riders (and non-riders) can come together talk about their bikes, set up rides, and relax. We also plan to expand Co/Moto’s operating hours and maintenance workshops. So, give us a hand and help support the reboot of a bigger and better Co/Moto garage and community.

Help Us Find a New Home

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